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How do we judge the beauty of a city? Vancouver shines on most counts - cool blue Pacific coast to the west; stately Coast Mountains to the east; and, in between, a glass skyline that is a a triumph of aesthetics and architecture.

This busy port town in the Canadian province of British Colombia has seen a steady influx of global influences in recent years, and it shows in the mind-boggling variety of cuisines. Between that and the sheer breadth of outdoor activities, there is bound to be something to suit your particular interests.

Vancouver consistently tops rankings of the best cities to live in; there is a good chance you won’t feel like leaving at all!

The Vancouver Experience

Your single most beautiful experience in Vancouver will probably be Stanley Park. Picture it: an expansive green area with a perfect view of the famed skyline… except it happens to be surrounded by water on all sides! Visit the Vancouver aquarium, grab a quick bite to eat, feed the ducks at Lost Lagoon, or simply marvel at the clear waters of English Bay. You are promised a rollicking time!

More active Vancouverites bike/rollerblade/stroll along the Seawall, which covers large swathes of shoreline before looping around Stanley Park. Also of note are the Capilano Suspension Bridge and Lynn Canyon to the north. There are multiple hills on the outskirts for skiing and snowboarding - not to mention Whistler province, the largest winter sports destination in North America.

As mentioned before, the variety of food in Vancouver needs to be seen to be believed. From the food trucks downtown to ubiquitous sushi joints; from the dimsum joints in Chinatown to the variety of fusion eateries at the West End; from citywide buffets offering inexpensive satiety to high-end restaurants in the central business district - there promises to be something for everyone!

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