Singapore derives its name from the Sanskritic Siṃhapura, meaning ‘City of Lions'; and indeed, the Merlion is an iconic and important denizen of the city-state: serving at once as a mascot, a symbol on currency, and cultural monument.

Singapore is a proud and beautiful city that takes equal pride in its scientific acumen, its impressive infrastructure and civic sense. It was dubbed the ‘Intelligent Island' in the early 90's for the ease with which it adapted to the internet.

This advancement is reflected in Singapore's cell-phone penetration and its readiness for assimilation of new technology (both fields in which the city-state ranks #1 in Asia, if not the world).

The Singapore Experience:

Travellers to Singapore will immediately notice its impeccable cleanliness and cosmopolitan vibe.

The former is enforced through heavy fines (and even prison sentences) for anything that amounts to littering or vandalism; indeed, first-time visitors would do well to familiarize themselves with some of the less-obvious rules (such as a countrywide ban on chewing gum, the import of which under any pretext is illegal!).

Coming to the latter: the skilled workforce and rigorous education system have resulted directly in making Singapore a hub of culturally diverse visitors, students and residents. Travellers will be sure to find most countries (or even counties!) well-represented in the populace, making your interaction with them a uniquely rewarding experience. Be sure to try the local fusion cuisine!

Apart from food and company, Singapore boasts of the Esplanade, a picturesque structure facing the city's Marina that hosts regular dance performances and recitals by the Singapore Symphony Orchestra; as well as the annual Singapore Arts Festival that draws over a hundred thousand international artists and enthusiasts over the course of multiple weeks.

Don't forget to round out your trip with some fun, aquatic-themed activities - which include sailing, jetskiing, and scubadiving - before kicking back and enjoying the sound-&-light shows centred on the giant Merlion statue at Sentosa island resort.

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Handy Information

  • Best Time to Travel : November to June.
  • Time Difference : Singapore is 7 hours ahead of United Kingdom.
  • Average Flight Time : 14 Hours
  • Language : English
  • Currency : Singapore Dollar - SGD