Manila is a wonderful city of the Philadelphia. The best time to visit the city is between December and May. There are many tourist attraction points in the island starting from Ocean Park, national park, museum, zoo, park and cultural exhibits. There are many flights that fly from London to Manila such as Etihad Airways, Turkish Airlines, Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines, Air China and Emirates. During off season, low cost flights and budget hotels are easy to get in the city.


Manila the capital of the Philadelphia. The city is one of the most densely populated bayside city on the island of Luzon, which mixes Spanish colonial architecture with modern skyscrapers. The city is home to the baroque 16th-century San Agustin Church as well as Fort Santiago. The city is a major center for commerce, banking and finance. Manila is known as "The Pearl of the Orient" as the city features perfect climate and good supply of natural resources. The ideal season to visit the city is between December and May when the weather is hot but relatively dry.

Rizal Park is Manila's main public space which includes a vast mall with fountains, gardens, monuments honoring national heroes. It is the large park for strolling and organizing public events. Fort Santiago is the museum commemorating the hero's memorial. Star City is a popular amusement park offering rides, paint ball, laser tag, an indoor snow area and a haunted house. Manila Ocean Park is the aquatic theme park and educational facility featuring hands-on activities. It organizes live shows and displays about marine life. San Agustin Church is a cultural exhibit near a historic church which holds the collection of artifacts and artwork. Manila Cathedral is the historic church which is known for its ornate architecture and attracts several visitors. Malacanang Palace is the presidential museum and library showcasing Philippine politics, culture and history, with tours. Casa Manila is the museum depicting Spanish colonial furniture, art and architecture. Coconut Palace is the unique building made of coconuts. The coconut lumber and shells were used for this octagonal government building and some of its furniture. San Sebastian Church is the landmark Gothic church with tall spires. Manila City House is a long as well as large government building. Baywalk is the popular place which includes waterfront walkway for sunset views. It is bordered by open-air cafes. The city shopping arcades are lined with cafes, galleries and boutiques.

Manila is regarded as one of the best shopping destinations in Asia. Robinsons Place Manila is the largest shopping mall in the city. The city is home to number of museums. The place has its own uniqueness that makes this destination one of the most popular destination travelled by the international tourists.

Point of attraction:

Destination Flights, Low-cost hotels, Cultural Center and Rizal Park

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Handy Information

  • Best Time to Travel : November and April
  • Time Difference : Manila, Philippines is 7 hours ahead of UK
  • Average Flight Time : 15 Hours
  • Language : English
  • Currency : Philippine Peso - PHP